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Krishna Vilas, The Hague

Continuing my search for good Indian restaurants across the Netherlands, I recently visited Krishna Vilas. I heard from a friend living in the Hague some great reviews about this place and decided to give it a try. Is it worth a visit or should we skip it? Know more below.


Krishna Vilas is situated quite centrally in the city of Den Haag or The Hague on Hooikade which is a 7 mins ride away from the main central station by tram or a 20 mins walk. Hooikade is like the eating street with a bunch of restaurant options, pubs, discount stores, etc. This restaurant is located at the hook of the street with a good approach from the main road. The restaurant started in the month of June in 2018 and has been attracting people from all over especially a lot of Indian expats working in the city and nearby.


It is a spacious restaurant, again not meant for long fine dining option just like Saravana Bhavan in Amsterdam but is well spread with a capacity of more than 80-100 people currently and soon expanding to an extra capacity of 50 more by end of this year.

Food, Drinks & Desert:

I was a little early to the restaurant after a meeting and decided to enjoy a Masala Chai for myself before starting my meal. The serving size was regular tea cup with sugar given separately. Did I like the tea? I would say ‘no’ but would others like it, I think ‘yes’ they would. It was made the proper Indian way with extra full fat milk and tea leaves. I am not a fan of milk tea as much thus won’t go for a second serving again.

Masala Chai (Indian Tea) at Krishna Vilas

But what blew my mind was the next dish that I ordered. I couldn’t stop praising the food for the next few days. I can’t wait to visit the restaurant again just to enjoy the best made dosas in the Netherlands maybe. (Well I believe I make great ones at home and my participants make exemplary ones during their workshops with me), but there is something about restaurant food, isn’t it?

If you don’t know what a Dosa is, let me start with the basics then – it is a vegan, super crunchy thin, long pancake made out of rice and lentils but fermented overnight. It is made using a different process but tastes great with some chutneys. Now moving on to some Dosa love. I ordered Ghee Dosa and my friend ordered Masala Dosa.

Ghee Dosa at Krishna Vilas
Ghee & Masala Dosa at Krishna Vilas

Both the Dosas came with some amazing chutneys –

  • the white one is just plain coconut chutney
  • the red one is made with onion, tomato and ginger
  • the green one made with coriander, mint and coconut
  • And what is a dosa without Sambar (tangy lentil soup filled with good vegetables)

The dosa’s very super crunch, well fermented and tasted heavenly. And the best part of this is the cost. The Ghee Dosa was just €8 and Masala Dosa was €7.5/- these rates are very comparable to the ones at Saravana Bhavan but they taste so much better than them. I wouldn’t mind eating a few more had I had some space left in my tummy. 

The Masala Dosa comes with a potato filling in the centre. But that definitely didn’t make the Dosa soggy and not so crunchy.

Masala Dosa at Krishna Vilas

If you plan to visit this restaurant don’t forget to try the Dosa and their Meal options. They have a few choices there like the Mini Meal or the South Indian & North Indian Meal. I definitely looking forward to trying these the next time I visit them. They also serve wine & beer but we decided to skip that for that day.

I decided to try the famous Indian ice cream called Kulfi which I didn’t quite like. It tasted more icy than creamy. But I do believe it wasn’t the kulfi day but a Dosa day for me.

In Conclusion:

Final item on the menu tried was the Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani which had bunch of flavor and warmth from the whole spices. Chef Dipak who is the head chef in the kitchen has nailed the

The entire bill came to a total of €28 which was a well enjoyed meal for 2 people. (Please note: This isn’t a paid promotion of this restaurant, I paid my bill and decided to write my experience of the place). 

If you have already visited them, what have you tried? Let me know in the comments below.

Till we meet again soon! <3

Krishna Vilas
Hooikade 56.
2514 BK, The Hague.
T: +31 708877990

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