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March 2022

Madras Diaries is here to make a statement Madras Diaries started last year in the middle of global pandemic in the heart of Amsterdam right in between all the chique cafes and restaurants. You must think who does that when you would only serve south Indian food whereas your neighbour serves a fancy French dish. But Madras diaries took that challenge. And I am so proud and happy that they not just started in the heart of the city but are sticking to some really unconvential items on their menu. I have spoken about Madras Diaries very often on my Instagram and even recently in my interview to Het Parool, I mentioned about how much I adore the food they serve and it just transports me back to my memories from Chennai, Hyderabad and my repeated travels to Kerala. My love for South

Continuing my search for good Indian restaurants across the Netherlands, I recently visited Krishna Vilas. I heard from a friend living in the Hague some great reviews about this place and decided to give it a try. Is it worth a visit or should we skip it? Know more below. Location: Krishna Vilas is situated quite centrally in the city of Den Haag or The Hague on Hooikade which is a 7 mins ride away from the main central station by tram or a 20 mins walk. Hooikade is like the eating street with a bunch of restaurant options, pubs, discount stores, etc. This restaurant is located at the hook of the street with a good approach from the main road. The restaurant started in the month of June in 2018 and has been attracting people from all over especially a lot

New Indian Streetfood destination The one thing that any Indian or anyone who has visited India misses when outside India is always the street food (which is not always the most hygienic ones in India and sold right on the street. But that’s not all true always :P). If you are someone who is yet to visit India then you totally should try this. Your life will change, and you will no longer crave just for fries and chips always! That’s the back story as to how I stumbled upon 29 Spices – the new restaurant in Amsterdam painting the city red with their Indian food. 29 Spices is located in Jordaan region of Amsterdam well connected with the public transportation system of the city. This quaint little cafe started few weeks back and I saw quite a lot of people walking

The quantiest corner Indian restaurant Somewhere hidden in the west of Amsterdam is this gem of a restaurant named Flavours of India run by an Indian couple from Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of the East. The restaurant looks small with just seats enough to fill up a family of 12 people but the food is full of flavor. It definitely doesn’t bring the fine dining experience but who wants that all the time. This place might not look appealing from the outside or when you see it on food delivery apps but you are missing out on some real good food, cooked with passion and love if you don’t try it. The restaurant has an open, clean kitchen with some really high quality ingredients used for cooking. I went ahead with Nihari with Butter Naan and their speciality Biryani which was cooked in

Nepali Food right here in Amsterdam Tucked away in the centre of the busy streets of Amsterdam is this amazing hidden gem called Bhatti Pasal. As an Indian from Kolkata (East of India) which shares fairly close/undefined borders with Nepal, I have had the experience of growing up with Nepali food. The biggest fascination growing up was Momo with Chutney, which since ages has been sold on the streets of Kolkata with a spicy tomato chutney and a clear veg/chicken soup. Every visit to India in the last 2 years meant eating more and more Momos to fill my heart with no more cravings till I visited Kolkata again. But no more cravings any more, as I found this authentic Nepalese restaurant right here in Amsterdam! From the busy, crowded shopping district of Amsterdam Kalverstraat is this stand alone, cosy, boutique restaurant. Bhatti