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Are you a crazy food lover just like me?

When you think of Indian food, what do you think? Hot, spicy, greasy, fatty, heavy, not good for you? Like a lot of people, you also might be thinking similarly. You will probably also think delicious, exciting, variety, exotic flavors. Whatever image is immediately came up when someone mentions Indian food, one thing that is won't cross your mind is that the authentic spices used in Indian food are important for your health. This was just one, but more reasons why.

Perfect for Vegetarian & Vegan Foodies

Indian food includes perhaps amazing array of fresh vegetables and fruit cooked in a multitude of ways that help retain their freshness and nutrients.

Beauty of Spices & Herbs

When you think of Indian food as being spicy you don't realize that the spices used to make the dishes are actually good for the body and don’t just taste nice.

Feeling of Community

Indian Meals are eaten with hands mostly and better enjoyed with friends and family. It gives that feeling of warm and fuzzy feeling of togetherness.

If you have read it so far, I am sure you are a true FOODIE! And it's high time we met!

What participants say

Know what few participants have to say after attending our cooking workshops
Gilda Virgine

Gilda Virgine

"Thank you so much Paulami for sharing your cooking knowledge with us and for wanting to teach us how to cook the authentic Indian cuisine. She is charming, funny, full of patience and makes cooking fun. Looking forward to the next."

Martijn van Stam

Martijn van Stam

"Thanks for the amazing workshop. I am always surprised to taste Indian Ayurvedic food, because when I make it myself it always tastes different. I am confident now I have some more skills so I will try again."

Liddy Vonk

Liddy Vonk

"I had a wonderful time learning and cooking with you and the group. Hope to come back and learn more. Lots of Love! "

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