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Somewhere hidden in the west of Amsterdam is this gem of a restaurant named Flavours of India run by an Indian couple from Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of the East. The restaurant looks small with just seats enough to fill up a family of 12 people but the food is full of flavor. It definitely doesn’t bring the fine dining experience but who wants that all the time.


This place might not look appealing from the outside or when you see it on food delivery apps but you are missing out on some real good food, cooked with passion and love if you don’t try it. The restaurant has an open, clean kitchen with some really high quality ingredients used for cooking.


What attracted me the most of the menu of the restaurant. It is limited with maybe items that can be counted on one or two hands only but these are things which are not commonly seen in the restaurants around. I went with a friend who recommended some of her favorites from the restaurant and Oh My God! they were brilliant!



I went ahead with Nihari with Butter Naan and their speciality Biryani which was cooked in a Lucknowi (Mughlai) style. Nihari (Beef Curry) is not a common dish found in Indian restaurants and I was glad to find it here. Nihari is a stew made by slow cooking meat mainly shank meat of beef or lamb and mutton nor chicken, along with bone marrow. It is a common royal dish cooked in the Indian subcontinent, inspired by the Mughlai cuisine. I had the Nihari cooked with Beef meat topped with julienned ginger and a lime wedge.


Nihari with Butter Naan

Nihari with Butter Naan


The dish had a perfect amalgamation of spices and herbs like cardamom, cinnamon, chillies, bay leaves, nutmeg mixed with yoghurt. Authentically saffron is also added to enhance the exotic and aromatic flavor of the dish. 

See how tender the meat was: It was cooked to perfection for hours and every strand had flavor in it.


Nihari cooked to perfection


The Chicken Biryani was cooked in Awadhi/Lucknowi style with whole spices and long grained basmati rice. Each strand of rice was separate from each other which makes it a perfect biryani to savor.

The Biryani was served with mint raita to bring the perfect balance in flavor.

Chicken Biryani


Happy Me with the Biryani


All in all I would say this place was totally worth the visit! On one side I want them to grow into a big restaurant for fine dining but on the other end I love the homeliness that comes with the restaurant and the personal service that you can receive.

I am definitely coming back for more Nihari! Thanks Komal for the recommendation and company.

Till we meet again.

Flavours of India
Pieter Calandlaan 71 
1065KK  Amsterdam


Komal · December 17, 2018 at 9:53 am

We shall go there again when you’re back. This time for their chaat and pani puri! I tell you those are amazing as well!


    Paulami Sen · December 18, 2018 at 4:08 pm

    Thanks so much for helping me find this gem truly 🙂 And yes we have to visit them for chaat and pani puri soon.

Anchal Nigam · January 27, 2020 at 12:06 pm

The owners are lovely people. Whenever I crave for a set dosa, I need to call them up a day before and they make sure it’s there next day. It’s lovely to have a chat with them.
Do make sure to have their rasmalai too.

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