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  • Vegetarian

    Spice Trip Virtual Kitchen – WDSP Edition

    Workshop 1: 6 March 2022

    Samosa, Chutney & Chai (Online) €34,95

    Workshop 2: 20 March 2022

    Butter Chicken & Naan (Online) €34,95

    Workshop 3: 3 April 2022

    Streetfood of India (in-person) €64,95

        Language of the class – Dinglish: (my broken) Dutch + English

        There are two ticket options (for online workshops):

        1. Just the workshop – …
      • Masala Dabba , Spice-mix

        Spice Trip Gift Box

        I have created this beautiful gift box for you all which comes with:

        1. Signed copy of my cookbook – De Bijbel van de Indiase Keuken (t.m.w. €33,99)
        2. Spice Trip’s Masala Dabba along with Spice Trip Homemade mixes €36,45
        3. Spice Trip’s Cotton Hand Bag €5
        4. Fridge Magnet €2,10

        All of this now comes in a box worth €77,95 including BTW*

        * sending costs …

      • Gifts

        Fridge Magnet

        Magnet (A6 size) with a pretty potrait from India perfect on your refrigerator.

        The magnet can be shipped just individually (will cost you €4 for shipping) as well but it is recommended to buy it along with spice-mix kit or my cookbook or Masala Dabba (this way it is more environment friendly).

      • Spice-mix

        Cotton Bag

        Spread the love of Spice Trip with printed Cotton Bags.

        • 100% cotton
        • 38 x 42 cm in size
        • Long handles
        • Can carry upto 10 kg

        Perfect to do some weekly veggie shopping at the supermarket.

        The bags can be shipped just individually (will cost you €4 for shipping) as well but it is recommended to buy it along with spice-mix kit or …

      • Masala Dabba , Spice-mix

        Indian Masala Dabba

        Your kitchen is incomplete without this Spice Trip’s Masala Dabba.

        • Stainless steel
        • 17 – 20 cm diameter
        • 7 small bowls to hold whole spices or ground spices
        • One small stainless steel spoon to scoop spices out during cooking
        • Glass top (gives easy view of the spices inside)
        • Made in India and this will be an asset in your …
      • Book

        De bijbel van de Indiase keuken

        Van curry’s en biryani tot dahl en van lassi tot naan en samosa’s

        Van biryani tot curry’s en dahl en van naan tot samosa’s: in De bijbel van de Indiase keuken neemt Paulami Joshi je mee op reis door het immense India: een land zo groot en rijk aan verschillende talen en culturen dat je amper van een land kunt spreken. …

      • Spice-mix

        Spice Trip Box

        Price – € 34,99 (free pickup in Amsterdam), shipping costs within NL

        Buy your box through this link

        (Please note: this is not an affiliate link, I am trying to support this small business and I don’t make any money in return of your purchase)

        This box consists of spices used for the majority of the Indian kitchen (North, South, …

      • Spice-mix

        Spice Trip’s Homemade spice-mix

        I am sure you have seen these spices in the supermarkets, but I always believed that home-made mixes are always the best. I have finally managed to make them at my end for you to buy them and cook loads and loads of dishes. Each of these mixes are for 25g which will last you for quite some …

      • Sale!

        Not the curry cookbook (in het Nederlands)

        Ik ben super trots en blij om dit nieuwe e-boek te presenteren.

        In het e-book zijn meer dan 21 maakelijke, zomerse recepten opgenomen die ik nergens anders heb gedeeld:

        4 zomerdrankjes
        4 snackrecepten
        3 diprecepten
        3 voorgerechtrecepten
        6 hoofdgerechtrecepten
        1 dessertrecept

        Koop dit boek nu!

      • Sale!

        Not the curry cookbook (in English)

        I am super proud and happy to present this new ebook.

        Included in the E-book are over 21 easy, summer recipes I haven’t shared anywhere else:

        • 4 summer drinks
        • 4 snack recipes
        • 3 dip recipes
        • 3 entrée recipes
        • 6 main meal recipes
        • 1 dessert recipe

        Buy this e-book!

      • Gift Card

        Cooking Workshop – Gift Card

        Learn Authentic Indian Cooking with me. There will be a 3 to 5 – course meal prepared with easy to do instructions and hands-on for all dishes on the menu. These dishes are not only healthy but are also easily replicable with limited supplies from supermarkets in your area. Learn some good dishes for your weekend/weekday dinner/lunch menu with family and friends.

        Each participant …