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Turmeric one of the most powerful spices in the Indian kitchen. It is also called Haldi in Hindi. It imparts a mustard-like, earthy aroma and pungent, slightly bitter flavor to foods. It is not just used in Indian dishes but across Asia for e.g. the popular Moroccan spice ral-el-hanout consists of turmeric, in Thai cuisine the raw roots are used for making several pastes from scratch.

It is used mostly in savory dishes. In the Indian kitchen the dried, powdered form is used instead of the fresh root. If you are new to Indian cooking, buying a small pot of turmeric powder box can last for upto 2 years easily. The fresh root in Indian food is used for pickles.

The most popular use of turmeric is seen in Turmeric Latte or Golden milk which is called Haldi ka Doodh. It is a quintessentially warmed milk mixed with turmeric and cinnamon powder. Every Indian would have had it growing up either every day or when about to catch cold and cough. Consuming fresh turmeric and ginger root in form of tea everyday could be a great idea. It is anyday a better option when compared to the commercial brands.

According to Ayurveda, Haldi or turmeric is one spice that can be consumed across the year and for all doshas making it one universal spice.

Recipe using Turmeric – Chickpea Coconut Curry




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