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6 hours of eating & drinking

8 Hot Spots in Den Haag

15 Food Bloggers


These are just numbers of the super fun afternoon spent The Food Bloggers Tour – Den Haag 2018 #defoodbloggerstourdenhaag organized by Anne-Marie of My Happy Kitchen.NL and Marjolein of Foodies Have Arrived 

Step 1

The tour started around 12:00 at Anne & Max, Kerkplein Den Haag with some drinks and some really really tasty bruschetta, soup and dessert. I fell in love with their cheesecake and the #gezellig decor. It is one such cafes in the city where you can sit and really enjoy your coffee with your friends and have a good time. It is truly what they promote on their website – It is that comfortable that you will forget your telephone and feel at home.


Anne & Max

Kerkplein 4
2513 AZ Den Haag

Step 2 

Food Props and Kitchen Apparatus is a dream world for all food bloggers and that is exactly where we went for our 2nd stop – Dok Home of Cooking. I wish I could bring the entire store back with me. From Baking to cooking, to kitchen appliances, to cook books and great food props it is a great place to spend atleast a few hours. Unfortunately we only had 30 minutes here. We were welcomed with a lemon tart and some drinks which we glanced through the beautiful store.


Dok Home of Cooking

Passage 19

2511 AB Den Haag

Step 3:

Next we were in the neighbourhood of prestige & power, yes you got it right we were opposite to the Royal Palace in Hotel Indigo. The hotel is located right opposite The Hague – Palace Noordeinde. It used to be once the royal treasury or bank in the olden times. The royal potraits adorn the hallway with brass lamps, marble columns and stained glass paintings everywhere.

We were given a complete tour of the hotel including their superior delux rooms which are so comfortable and intelligently designed.

The superior delux rooms have the bed on the 1st floor connected through a tiny staircase in the room. The room has a old looking vault shapped cupboard with a coffee machine and mini-bar.

Me with other food bloggers during the tour

From there we went to their bar which originally was the government value. To maintain the look of the vault they have even named it as ‘The Gold Bar’. There used to be a secret path from the vault connected directly to the palace till few years back, which of course doesn’t exist currently.

The Gold Bar, Hotel Indigo


Hotel Indigo

Noordeinde 33

The Hague 2514 GC

Step 4:

Restaurant Tapisco was our next destination. It was restaurant with a combination of the Spanish ‘tapas’ and the Portuguese ‘petiscos’ or ‘small snacks’. The ambiance of this place was extremely royal and cosy. They had a great range of alcohol for selection as well. We were served with a portuguese shell fish soup (which I didn’t quite like) and a petisco with chilli and fish. 

The Appetizer at Restaurant Tapisco


Restaurant Tapisco

Kneuterdijk 11 
2514 EM The Hague

Step 5:

It is Tea Time for us at the Betjeman & Barton, an English Tea store. We were given a class masterclass of different types of tea – Chinese, Japanese, Darjeeling etc tea at their store and their old legacy. Our instructor showed us how to make Chinese White Tea and Japanese Sencha Tea with water at 80 degree Celsius always.

They have an amazing collection of artisan tea and is the right place of tea lovers in the country.


Betjeman & Barton

Denneweg 25c
2514 CC Den Haag

Step 6:

I was in a chocolate factory and jumped around like Charlie (without my oompa loompas). They had soooo many types of chocolates that I literally thought of skipping the trip at a point and staying there.

We tasted some great chocolates and real hot chocolate drink made with chocolate and milk with no added sugar. It totally blew my mind off. They have stores in Schiedam, Rotterdam and Den Haag and a webshop with delivery across the Netherlands.


De Bonte Koe

Korte Poten 57
2511 EC Den Haag

Step 7: 

Who says vegan food needs to taste boring. At De Vegetarische Slager or The Vegetarian Butcher they have created vegan version of almost all kinds of meat that anyone could be craving for. Their products are available in almost all super markets and can be added into any kind of food.

My eyes are set at the Kip Stuckjes (Chicken Pieces) that I would like to try for an Indian Chicken Curry or Salad and also on their Rauw Gehackt to make some vegan kheema.

But I must say I loved what we got to eat there. We ate a vegan burger made with their Vegan Chicken burger patty called #nakedchickburger. It was not dry and flaky but rather extremely juicy and succulent.

Second course served was the Vegan Roockworst (vegan version of rookworst) with a Dutch Stamppot and Jus. It tasted good but lacked the smoky flavor in the vegan meat. If I have to visit them again I am definitely not stopping at one burger next time.


De Vegetarische Slager

Hooikade 4,

2514 BH Den Haag

Step 8:

The last and the final step was the most interesting part of the tour as we reached there through a boat. We crossed the entire city on a boat through the canals and finally reached an upcoming destination in the Hague. It used to be an industrial area but is slowly turning to be the new hotspot of Den Haag.

Restaurant Glaswerk has a great decor with beautiful options in the menu. We were welcomed with some wine and the best beef tartare (called Diamanthaas) served with vanilla flavored mayonnaise. It was so juicy and succulent with subtle flavors.

We ended the day around 18.30 hrs but were stuffed by the end of the day with all the eating and drinking and laughter. Thank You My Happy Kitchen.NL and  Foodies Have Arrived for the invitation. You guys make the best team! Loved the organization, arrangement and ofcourse all the foodies made my day!

Tot volgende jaar (till next year)


Rajinder Singh · June 20, 2019 at 9:37 am

All the dishes looking very delicious. Nice & informative content!!

    Paulami Sen · June 24, 2019 at 1:23 pm

    Thanks Rajinder. Appreciate the time taken out to read through the article.

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