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Air Fryer has been existing in the market for very long but using a good one is important. And I think next to a coffee maker, air fryer is a must for all the work it really does, and for the very little oil it really needs. Not just fries and crispies but one can even bake a pizza or cake or naan in an air fryer. I have been a user of air fryer for several users before moving to the Netherlands. But recently had the oppurtunity of trying out the Princess Home Air Fryer XXL and it definetly made my life a little easier here in the Netherlands. You don’t believe me? Read through below.

The Princess Home Air Fryer comes in different sizes and is almost found in all electronic stores or online e-commerce sites as well. I got the XXL or family size air fryer. It comes in a good packing with all required instructions to use the apparatus and also a baking tin! I mean that is so cool, right? The air fryer tray can be easily removed and the bottom can be washed and cleaned. So hygiene can be taken care of easily.

The first thing that comes to your mind when you see any air fryer is can I make potato fries in them or not, well yes that is what cross my mind too. And I tried it the same evening that I received it. But I didn’t limit my experiements to it. I tried store bought potato curly fries, sweet potato fries, loempia (Vietnamese spring roll), bitter ballen, chicken nuggets. But now came time to try my Indian recipes on them and testing if they can be made by this big boy!

Some of the recipes that I tried are here below with detailed steps of using them in the air fryer:

Samosa – https://spicetrip.nl/samosa/

Pakora/Vegetable Bhajji – https://spicetrip.nl/vegetable-bhajiya-pakora/

Kurkuri Bhindi/ Crispy Okra – https://spicetrip.nl/kurkuri-bhindi-crispy-indian-okra/

Crispy Shrimp Heads – https://spicetrip.nl/air-fryed-supercrispy-shrimp-heads/

Halloumi Fries – https://spicetrip.nl/zaatar-halloumi-fries-air-fryed/

Ultra crsipy potato wedges – https://spicetrip.nl/ultra-crispy-potato-wedges-air-fried/

Do you have me to try any other recipes, comment below and let me know. I will definitely give it a try.

Pros of Princess Air Fryer

  • Convenient to use with easy guide manual
  • Quite powerful and because I have the XXL size I could cook for 3-4 people in one go.
  • Baking Tray is really helpful to bake pizzas and naan (type of Indian bread)

Cons of Princess Air Fryer

  • It needs some extra space in your kitchen counter as it is huge in size.
  • Needs to release hot air from the back side, so be very careful not to place anything right behind the air-fryer.

All in all I would say it is not a bad purchase at all. It is available currently in the market for just 99 EUR and the smaller sizes start from 69 EUR. Let me know your views if you have used this air fryer below or planning to get one for yourself.

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