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I never thought that I would end up trying a food box by any company to be honest. I have been seeing a lot of food packets for specific curries at super markets but was never tempted to buy them, until I decided to give it a try and review Hello Fresh. I was intrigued with their box idea and the recipes within and decided to give it a try. This review is not sponsored by the company or any affiliate of the company.

I am a well announced foodie and if you have been a previous visitor to my website or social channels you know my love for food knows no boundaries. I love cooking my meals always from scratch and mostly cook simple food (though I cook Indian, I cook the simpler curries, dal for the weekdays mostly). And of course simple yet nutritious food has been my mantra for few years now.

Chicken Gyros with Lebanese Tabbouleh

Chicken Gyros with Lebanese Tabbouleh

The Concept:
  • Hello Fresh Box concept works on a subscription model where you will receive a specified number of meal/recipe ingredients for specific number of people in your family.
  • We tried the Family box for 2 people for 3 meals which came with the non-vegetarian options. There is a vegetarian option for food box as well.
  • For the 1st time sign up, we got a discount for ordering the 1st box and got 3 meals for 2 people for €15 instead of €39.95. (which was less than €2.5 p.p. per meal) and delivery is free. 
  • The box was delivered on time as per the time slot chosen. 30 mins before the start of the slot, we received a pop up on the mobile app stating the exact window when the delivery should be at our doorstep. (Incase of unavailability at home, they also deliver to the neighbors or in front of the door – options can be chosen based on your preference).
  • We received 3 meals with 3 recipes in well defined boxes with ingredients in them. After placing the order we chose the recipes instead of the default options using their mobile app.
  • We chose:
    • Chicken Gyros with Lebanese Tabbouleh (OUR FAVORITE)
    • Courgette Spinach Lasagna
    • Fish Filet with Orzo Fennel Lemon Pasta
  • The recipes were very self explanatory with images for most of the steps. It is expected that the consumer would have salt, pepper, oil and butter & kitchen appliances at home before cooking.
  • Each recipe came with nutrition value (which comes handy for those keeping a count of their calorie intake).
Courgette Spinach Lasagna 

Courgette Spinach Lasagna

  • Ingredients were all sent in one big box with three major section dividing the recipes for 3 separate meals. There were recipes mentioning 2 cloves of garlic and the box literally came with 2 cloves of garlic. (Loved the precision, must say)
  • The meat came with a cool packet underneath to keep it fresh for long. We kept everything inside the refrigerator (except the onion and garlic cloves) and were consumed as per the validity mentioned on the box.

If you want to see me un-box this food box by Hello Fresh, click here – Hello Fresh Unboxing Video

Things I loved:
  • The simplicity of placing the order and their delivery mechanism. (absolutely on time).
  • Ingredients sent were extremely fresh (they stand by their name!)
  • Each meal box were meant for 2 people but for us it lasted for another meal for 1 person so I would say it was 3 meals for 3 people in our case. So quantity wise no complaints at all.
  • Recipe steps were quite clear and self explanatory. Someone with minimum cooking skills (like chopping and sauteing, can also make themselves good food everyday).
  • Pricing for each meal seemed reasonably good to me. (Like instead of buying fresh vegetables, lasagna sheets, cream, cheese etc. individually, getting it all in a place with recipe was great).
  • Use of plastic was minimal (like meat, spinach had to be in plastic). I love that they are making good progress on the way, but ofcourse they need to reduce the use of plastic further maybe.
Things I think should improve:
  • Language option – I can speak and understand most of Dutch (thanks to my language lesson classes) but my husband cannot. The menus were all in Dutch with every ingredient mentioned in the same language. While catering to an international clientele maybe the option of choosing English as the other language option could be helpful.
  • If you are living along this meal would be way too much for you in a day. Maybe you would end up eating it for lunch, dinner, and next day’s lunch as well. And there is no way for you to choose the meal for 1 person. Its just for 2 or 4 people.
  • Oriental cuisine maybe? I see everything to do with a salad, pasta, or middle eastern options to choose from, but wouldn’t mind a good Thai Curry or an easy Indian Chickpea Curry with rice as well.

My verdict: 

This works great with working people who don’t find time to shop everyday for their meals or would like to rest on a weekend and not meal prep. The recipes are perfectly filling and great for the time of the year.

Having said that, I will be trying out few more recipes in the coming weeks by Hello Fresh and also by other competing products in the market and will soon come up with a comparison chart on various parameters.


Fish with Orzo Fennel Lemon Pasta


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