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[AMSTERDAM] Taste of Undiscovered India – A Cooking Workshop – 17 Nov 2022

 74,95 inc. btw

Date: 17 Nov 2022, Thursday

Time: 18:00 – 22:00

Location: Kookstudio Mevrouw Hamersma,Amsterdam

Language: Dutch + English

You and I both know tikka, paneer and naan but there’s a side of India that is very undiscovered – East and North east (with great influence from Tibet, Nepal and China). I would like to introduce some great, skillful, unknown recipes from that region. Recipes that will not just be tasty but also using ingredients that you never knew is getting used in India. If you want to expand your knowledge and cooking skills beyond the known, this workshop is for you!

During this workshop, you will learn traditional and authentic Indian cooking using ingredients that can be sourced from your local supermarkets and easily replicated at home. We all cook together, and later enjoy the meal.

Group Workshops are for a maximum group of 15 participants only. And each participants gets the opportunity to cook, 100% hands-on. The recipes are explained step-by-step with required caution that needs to be taken at your end.

More than anything it will be a fun day out with your friends, and if you are coming alone you will surely make friends this day.

This will not be vegetarian workshop (there’s chicken and fish – but can be adjusted to vegetarian on request) and if you have any dietary restrictions or nut or soy allergy please notify me in advance through an email at

  • You will receive with a welcome drink and small snack on arrival.
  • Free use of water, tea and coffee throughout the workshop (alcoholic drinks – extra)
  • An explanation of the food and cuisine we are going to prepare and the food culture of the country
  • During the 4 hour workshop you will receive information and explanations about the dishes to be prepared. We will work on the dishes in teams
  • At the end of the workshop we all enjoy the meal together.
  • If you have my cookbook already, you can bring it along to get it signed if you wish to 🙂

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Probable Menu:

  • Momo (kip gestoomde dumplings)
  • Momo ka achar (pikante chutney met momo)
  • Thenthuk (Handgetrokken Noedels Soep)
  • Macher Paturi (vispakketjes in bananenblad)
  • Jadoh (pilaf vanuit noordoost India)
  • Beguni (auberginebeignet)
  • Malpua (pannekoekjes met saffransiroop en pistachenoten)
  • & more


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Additional information

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