Spice Trip Virtual Kitchen – Hearty curries


Time to build some immunity through the recipes we learn in this workshop

Tentative menu for this workshop:

  1. Oriya Dalma
  2. Kerala Prawns Moilee
  3. Goan Pulao
  4. Palak Chole

Spices needed for this session and the rest can be all purchased via https://deindianmart.com/product/spicetrip-box/ and get it delivered at your door step (shipping free for those in the Netherlands)

You will receive access to:

  • * 4-5 recipes
  • * Shopping lists with prep tips to prepare for the live cooking workshop
  • * Online cooking class via Microsoft Teams instead of Zoom to make it safer.  (this will be recorded and sent to you, so don’t worry if you can’t attend on the day of the class)

    Limited spaces available!

    *This course will be using fish. But if you are vegetarian, vegan or with fish allergies I will anyways be sharing alternatives to the same recipe.

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    Spice Trip Virtual Kitchen – Hearty winter curries

    29,95 Incl. VAT (per household)

    You will join me via a live Microsoft Teams session (with options of subtitles) where we will connect from our own kitchens and you can either cook along with me, or take notes and cook at your own leisure! <it is indeed fun if you cook along>

    If you want to join both the classes you get a discount, check this link: https://spicetrip.nl/product/spice-trip-virtual-kitchen-2-0/

    This live cooking classes will start at 19:00 CET on 11 Feb and last 120 mins.

    This will be for a small group which means you get my complete attention while cooking. This is a completely hands on experience where you get the chance to practice with me, live! I am always ready to answer your questions as we go through the recipes and learn new skills and tricks. At the end of the workshop you will have a complete meal to enjoy or eat for lunch next day 🙂

    As part of the workshop, you’ll receive access to exclusive course content consisting of shopping lists (with alternative ingredients), prep tips, and information to prepare you for this class. After the session, the video recording will be sent to you to watch and learn in your own time. These recordings will not be made public and will only consist of me talking through the steps while cooking.

    This workshop will be learning some great immunity boosting recipes


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