East meets West (A trip through the world) – 4 July 2020


Date: 4 July 2020

Time: 17:00 – 21:00

Location: Kookstudio van Belle

Mystical East meets the beautiful West. For centuries the trade of spices, grains happened and west adopted them in a different way. Kookstudio van Belle and Spice Trip with Paulami present to you a unique cooking workshop where we present a menu combining the two ends of the world cuisine. From Japan to Persia, from Mexico to Nigeria, from India to Greece. Bringing in a fusion meal with the best of everything and let us take you trough a taste trip around the globe.

Group Workshops are for a maximum group of 8 participants only. And each participants gets the opportunity to try the dish 100% hands-on. The recipes are explained step-by-step with required caution that needs to be taken at your end.

More than anything it will be a fun evening out with your friends, and if you are coming alone you will surely make friends this evening.

(This will be a vegan workshop but if you have any nut or soy allergy please notify me in advance through an email at info@spicetrip.nl)

  • You will receive with a welcome drink and small snack on arrival.
  • Free use of flavored water, tea and coffee throughout the workshop
  • An explanation of the food and cuisine we are going to prepare and the food culture of the country
  • During the 3.5-hour workshop you will receive information and explanations about the dishes to be prepared. We will work on the dishes in teams
  • At the end of the workshop you will enjoy a self-prepared dinner in the dining room.

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