MASTERCLASS – Dosa & Idli – Batter & Science – 4 & 5 Sept 2021

Day 1(ONLINE): 4 Sept 2021 from 14:00 – 15:00 (If you don’t want to join this, it is okay to subscribe only for the in-person workshop – at a lower price)

Day 2: 5 Sept 2021 from 11:00 – 15:00

Location: Kookstudio van Belle, Rotterdam

Language: English + my proud broken Nederlands

Indian Food is known for the use of spices and herbs giving it the most unique taste which is not alays spicy or sweet or salty but a mixture of all. Join this workshop how flavours can make your mouth water and want more.

Dosa is a type of pancake from the Indian subcontinent, made from a fermented batter. It is somewhat similar to a crepe in appearance. Its main ingredients are rice and black gram. Dosa is a typical part of the Southern Indian diet and popular all over the Indian subcontinent. Traditionally, Dosa is served hot along with sambar, stuffing of potatoes and chutney.

Making the batter is a struggle in a cold country like the Netherlands. In this workshop, I will take you along step by step to making the batter to using it for a number of dishes the next day.

On 4th of Sept: You follow the workshop with me at your own home. Recording of the online session will be shared and will be available for life.

Next day, you bring a little portion of your batter to see how it performed and we make number of different things with the batter. The remaining of your batter can be used by you later throughout the week at your home.

Group Workshops are for a maximum group of 8 participants only. And each participants gets the opportunity to try the dish 100% hands-on. The recipes are explained step-by-step with required caution that needs to be taken at your end.

More than anything it will be a fun day out with your friends, and if you are coming alone you will surely make friends this day.

(This will a vegan workshop but if you have any dietary restrictions or nut or soy allergy please notify me in advance through an email at

  • Online session –
    • login details will be shared 2 days before the event. Ingredients for the session would be emailed a week in advance.
  • In-person workshop
    • You will receive with a welcome drink and small snack on arrival.
    • Free use of water, tea and coffee throughout the workshop
    • An explanation of the food and cuisine we are going to prepare and the food culture of the country
    • During the 3.5 hour workshop you will receive information and explanations about the dishes to be prepared. We will work on the dishes in teams
    • At the end of the workshop we all enjoy the meal together.
    • If you have my cookbook already, you can bring it along to get it signed if you wish to 🙂




Day 1: Online (at your own home)

  • Learning the science behind the fermentation of a idli/dosa batter
  • Making the batter at home (having a Vitamix or blender or smoothie maker is important)

Day 2: In-person (in Rotterdam)

  • Checking progress of the self-made batter
  • Masala Dosa (Hartige crepes met aardappelvulling)
  • Idli (Gestoomde rijstcakes)
  • Paniyarams (Indiase hartige poffertjes)
  • Sambar (Linzensoep met groenten)
  • Coconut Chutney (Kokos chutney)

This workshop is online and in-person. Small group of 8 to help understand the crazy science behind this and to ace the making of this difficult batter. You will come out successful at making this for your entire life the end of the 2 days masterclass.

Additional information

Type of workshop

Online + in-person, Only in-person


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