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Dosa lovers out there! This is the perfect non fermented dosa that can solve all your sudden Dosa cravings. And it is super protein and fibre rich too, making it a perfect weeknight meal for us and for all vegan and gluten free food lovers. Pesarattu or Mung Bean Dosa is there to save you.

This isn’t one of the commonly known dosa as it comes from a region in the south of India named Telengana and is eaten quite often there sometimes with Upma (savory semolina porridge) and then is named as MLA Pesarattu. I had it several times while studying in Hyderabad during my undergrad days and can’t stop making them at home now.

It needs minimum ingredients namely green mung beans (the whole ones as they taste better when soaked well in water), rice flour, and some vegetable toppings of your choice. I make this very often at home and pair it with either a coconut chutney or a dry peanut chutney or allam pachidi (ginger chutney – made in Andhra Pradesh)

I hope you find the recipe easy and can replicate it easily at home.



The color green comes from the beans 🙂

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Mung Bean Dosa (Pesarattu) Yum
  1. Soak mung beans in 2 cups of water for atleast 5-6 hours (preferably overnight). After soaking, blend the beans without boiling them. Use a hand blender/food processor or smoothie maker to blend it to a smooth paste. Keep adding water while blending (not the water used for soaking the beans)
  2. Mix the mung beans mixture to rice powder, salt and enough water. The consistency needs to be thin.
  3. In a dosa pan/non-stick pan, spread some of this batter evenly without any lumps little from the top to get those amazing serrations in your dosa. I like mine little crispier thus keep it for little extra on each side.
  4. Just after adding the batter on the pan, add the chopped onion, green chilli and coriander leaves (portioned enough for all the dosas).
  5. Serve this hot with chutney/podi/sambar.
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