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Today is a very cheesy cheese day, hehe! So made Paneer Capsicum in Makhani Gravy (Indian Cottage Cheese with Green Bell Pepper in a Creamy Buttery Gravy) with Rotis (Indian flat bread). For some weird reason or lack of effective planning, I had way too many capsicum in my fridge and thought maybe instead of the regular Paneer Kadhai, let’s try something new.

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Paneer Capsicum in Makhani Gravy

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Paneer Capsicum in Makhani Gravy Yum
  1. For the gravy, blanch some tomato along with garlic and ginger. Transfer this to the blender with some cashews and pumpkin seeds. Well yes that's my hack, I don't throw away these seeds as they help me make these thick creamy gravy. 
  2. In the same pan, add oil and very little butter and temper some cumin seeds for 20 seconds. Add chopped onions and saute this on a low flame. Add some garam masala powder, turmeric powder, red chilli powder (kashmiri variety for the color) and coriander powder. Saute this on a medium flame for 7 -10 mins.
  3. Add the blended mixture and cook this till the entire gravy in the pan reduced to a thick paste. Now add diced capsicum to this and cook this on a medium flame for about 5 minutes
  4. If you add cashews to your curry, it generally makes the gravy very thick. In case the gravy turns out too thick add some water. 
  5. And finally add the paneer cubes to the pan and stir everything together well. Let this simmer for 10 minutes under a cover and medium flame.
  6. Garnished this with fresh coriander leaves and kasuri methi (dry fenugreek leaves) for a wintery aroma.
Recipe Notes

Well perfect meal for lunch with fluffy rotis (not seen that fluffy in the picture though)/ naan, paratha/jeera rice.

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