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Its cold outside baby! And this Palak Daal Shorba (soup) can keep you warm and full for a very very long time. I love the versatility of spinach both raw and cooked and heavily use it across the week. Spinach is a great protein source given that it has 2.9g of protein per 100g. Isn’t that cool? According to Ayurvedic principles, we should stick to local and seasonal produce and what can be more seasonal than spinach in the winters, though it is available these days all throughout the year.

Palak Daal Shorba

Palak stands for spinach and Daal stands for lentils. The traditional recipe of a Palak shorba is made with milk and doesn’t contain any lentils. But my constant strive is to look for vegan alternatives but ofcourse always natural and plant based and the addition of lentils seemed to be a great idea. You got to give it a try.

Shorba is believed to have originated in the earlier times of Persia and is traditionally prepared by simmering meat in boiling water along with salt and flavored with aromatic curry spices and herbs. Over the years, vegetarian variants of Shorba have become popular as well. Shorba is derived from an Arabic term, ‘Shurbah’, meaning soup. In India there are varieties of shorbas made but palak shorba is definitely known popularly.

To add extra creaminess I went ahead and added some vegan cream but maybe cashew and almonds paste or butter could be a great substitute as well. If I give them a try, I will update the recipe for sure.

But without talking much about what to do, here’s how to do it. I have the recipe below for you. Why don’t you give it a try and drop your comments below.

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Happy Cooking!

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Palak Dal Shorba Yum
  1. Wash the lentils thoroughly under running water. Put the lentil into a deep pan and add water—the level should be two finger digits over the top of the lentil. Boil the mixture over medium heat.
  2. Add the turmeric powder and ginger and stir. Cook until the lentils are soft enough to mash. Add more hot water as you cook, if required, to keep the consistency similar to that of a thick soup
  3. When the lentils are cooked, add the spinach, season with salt to taste, stir and reduce the heat to low. Turn of the heat and put a cover. The leaves will be wilted in no time.
  4. Blend the soup by hand blender or use a food processor to thoroughly blend the mixture until it has a smooth soup-like consistency.
  5. In another small pan, heat the oil until it is hot and add the cumin seeds. Fry the seeds until they stop sizzling, and then add the dry red chili, chopped garlic, and asafoetida
  6. Carefully add this oil-spice mixture (called tadka in Hindi) to the cooked, simmering daal. It will sizzle and might splash so be careful
  7. Spoon the soup into large soup cups or bowls. Garnish with a squeeze of lime and a teaspoon of cream and serve the soup warm with a slice of bread on the side.
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