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Group Workshops (Small or Pvt Groups)

Private Workshop OR Food Tasting Event

Pop-Up Restaurant Events

Corporate Team Building Events

In addition to this we also work with brands related to food products, equipment, etc. to give a seamless experience to the consumers and also consult on the optimal use of various products in cooking through recipes or workshop events.  

We specialize in Indian Cuisine and in the use of all types of spices and herbs used in Indian Cooking.  We conduct workshops on 

– Ayurvedic style of food

– Glutenfree

– Vegan & Lactose Free 

– Authentic styles of cooking (using non-vegetarian supplies as well) 

We can also give simple home-based tips on Ayurveda and how to adopt an Ayurvedic Lifestyle (through our workshops or talk events at your location).

To explore any of these or other opportunities please feel free to drop an email at info@spicetrip.nl