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Okra is one of the most indeginious Asian vegetable used extensively in several Asian kitchens. In India Okra also called as Bhindi is used as stir fry or with a yoghurt sauce or with potatoes and onions (One of my recipe is – here). But crispy okra or kurkuri bhindi is one of my favorite recipes since I had it several years back at a restarurant. I did try making it at home back then but realised to make it taste or to get the right consistency I really needed to use a lot of oil and of course didn’t find any solution to that problem then.

According to me Okra/Ladies Finger/Bhindi is a superfood and often not given the importance in our kitchens that it deserves. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables can reduce the risk of a range of health conditions, including obesitydiabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

When I received the Princess Air Fryer I instantly knew I had to try making Kurkuri Bhindi as I had seen several recipes online/Youtube which stated that any goof air-fryer can really make this dish wonderfully using just 1 tbsp oil and it is absolutely true.



It turned out so kurkuri or crispy that I couldn’t believe it myself. All I needed was 8 mins inside the airfryer and it was done. I squeezed some lime juice on top of it and amchur powder for extra flavor and garnished it with coriander leaves.

This recipe is definitely a keeper, trust me!


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Kurkuri Bhindi Yum
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
  1. Wash and pat dry the okra first. Then cut the okra into half from the centre and remove the seed along with the stock in between.
  2. This step ensures that the okra is not sticky anymore. Removing the stalk and seeds makes it possible.
  3. Mix all the spices with the okra along with a tbsp of oil and give them a good mix using your hands.
  4. Add the gram flour to the mix and coat all the okra with the flour. Don't add too much else it will turn into a pakora rather than just crispy okra.
  5. Preheat the air fryer at 180C for 5 mins.
  6. Add this to the pre-heated air fryer at 180C and spray some oil. Cook it in the air fryer for 5-8 mins with a good stir after 4 mins. Serve it hot with rotis or as starters.
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