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Do you love spicy food like me? Well I thrive on that always 😛 And what better way to clean your fridge with the leftover veggies than by making this easy mix vegetable sabji that will be an instant hit at home. Kolhapur is a city in Maharashtra, West of India and is famous of their spicy food and when I say spicy its kickass spicy, the one that can get tears for real. Kolhapuri Mix Vegetable Sabji is a great creation from that region.

I call it Zhanzhanit Curry because thats what we call in Marathi for anything super spicy! I love this with rotis/phulkas and sometimes with rice as well.

What is your favourite mix veg preparation?


Indian Curries by Paulami from by Spice Trip with Paulami

Kolhapuri Mix Veg (100% Vegan)


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Kolhapuri Mix Vegetable Sabji (100% Vegan) Yum
  1. In a pan, roast some coconut and blend it into a smooth paste with 1 sliced onion and ginger garlic paste.
  2. In a boiling pan, add all the vegetables with a pinch of salt for not more than 10 mins
  3. In the same pan, add oil. Once it is heated up, add the onion and saute it till golden brown. Add the tomatoes and saute them together on a medium flame.
  4. Add the coconut mix to this and saute everything on a medium to high flame till the oil separates. Be careful that the paste does start sticking to the base of the pan.
  5. Now add all the veggies along with the Kolhapuri Masala mix and some salt. Don't discard the water used for boiling the veggies.
  6. Let everything simmer for atleast 10 - 15 mins and then serve hot with rotis or rice.
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Do give this a try and let me know your views 🙂 Happy Cooking.



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