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Indian Yogi Meal Cooking Workshop on
12th Apr in Amsterdam

Eat like a Yogi for a healthy lifestyle option. A yogic diet should be sattvik in nature.

Sattvic food is the purest diet, the most suitable one for any any yoga practitioner or anyone looking to move to simple healthy meals. It nourishes the body and maintains a peaceful state. This, in turn, calms and purifies the mind, enabling it to function at its maximum potential.

A Sattvic diet will ultimately lead to true health; a peaceful mind in control of a fit body, with a balanced flow of energy between them.

Group Workshops are for a close group of 6 to 8 participants only. And each participants gets the opportunity to try the dish 100% hands-on. The recipes are explained step-by-step with required caution that needs to be taken at your end.

Daal without onion or garlic

Daal is nothing but a lentil soup flavoured with turmeric and some spices. It is the best source of protein and tastes great with roti or rice for any meal. There are different type of daals, we would be using moong daal here.

Roti / Chapatti

Roti is an Indian flatbread made from simple dough that is rolled out into a circle and cooked on a hot flat pan. It can be used as a wrap or simply served on the side of a plate of curry or daal to help soak up all of the delicious sauce. 

Aloo Matar

The two most common ingredient found in any super market – Potatoes (Aloo) & Green Peas (Matar) and when they are combined in a tomato based gravy it makes a great curry for rotis. 

Bhindi Masala

Bhindi or Okra is a very commonly used vegetable in Indian cooking. This dish combines some simple flavours from cumin, mustard and can be enjoyed with roti or paratha. 

Herbed Rice

Simple steamed basmati rice symbolizes any Indian kitchen. The rice needs to be well cooked with each strand separating from each other. (Different than Japanese sticky rice or Jasmin Rice)


Date: 12th Apr 2019

Time: 5.30 pm to 8.30 pm

Price: The workshop price includes the use of all ingredients, materials, apron +1 small bottle of ghee as take-away + a full meal at the end

Regular Price: €57 per person

Joint Booking Discounts:

For 2 to 3 people – 5% flat discount

For 4 or more people – 10% flat discount

Incase of a bigger group, please write to us separately.

Booking in advance is mandatory (no refunds for no-shows or cancellations) 

For payment details – write to info@spicetrip.nl

Address: Buurthuis ARchipel, Makassarplein 1, 1095 RP Amsterdam