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Special Event - Indian Street Food Cooking Workshop [VEGAN]
at Rotterdam

India is famous for its variety of street food and best food in India is always found on the street. (Trust me when I say this! I can live off that food anyday back in India 😉 ) So let us all on go a trip to the streets of India through this workshop covering the most well known street-food from across the country. Most popular street-food found in India is vegetarian in nature thus this workshop is only covering vegetarian food.

This workshops will accomodate upto 20 participants only. And each participants gets the opportunity to try the dish 100% hands-on. The recipes are explained step-by-step with required caution that needs to be taken at your end.


It is a crispy and spicy Indian snack which has an crisp outer layer made of flour and rich filling of mashed potato, peas and spices. Samosa prepared with this recipe also has a mild lingering taste of coriander and cumin seed which makes it simply irresistible.


A snack with almost iconic status in the western region of India, bhel puri is a low-fat, nutritious, and delicious food. This is a puffed rice snack that can be eaten by the spoonful or scooped onto a flatbread or chips.


It is a crispy and spicy Indian snack made of onion or mixed vegetables and are deep dried in oil after soaking them in a batter of gram flour. They are paired with chutneys or ketchup. 


Masala chai is a flavoured tea beverage made by brewing black tea with a mixture of aromatic Indian spices, and herbs. It is brewed and then mixed with milk and sugar and spices of your choice.


Date: 10th March, Sunday

Time: 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm

Price: The workshop price includes the use of all ingredients, materials and apron + a full meal at the end

Special Price: €45 per person (If booked before 15th Feb’19)

Regular Price: €50 per person (If booked after 15th Feb’19)

Incase of a bigger group, please write to us separately.

Drinks:     Unlimited Tea and Water included in the price

Beer – €3 per bottle

Wine – €4 per glass and €12 per bottle

Booking in advance is mandatory (no refunds for no-shows or cancellations) 

For payment related issues – write to info@spicetrip.nl

Address: Kookstudio van Belle, Joubertstraat 74, 3072 XZ Rotterdam, Netherlands50