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Indian Street Food & Co. – a true treat

Indian Street Food & Co is situated a few kilometers away from Amsterdam in a city named Amstelveen and has really made my chaat (salty, sweet, sour streetfood type) cravings find a solution. They have a beautiful outdoor and a chique indoor seating as well, but this place is built to suit its name – streetfood is not for exquisite dining purposes and that’s something that you shouldn’t go as a notion in your mind.

What happened 2 weeks ago

2 weekends back we were visiting a friend’s place who needed some help assembling new IKEA furnitures and Harsh (my husband) and I love doing that together. Let me clarify what my role in assembling is – just holding the nuts and bolts. I for the life of me cannot follow those instructions and lose interest in the entire process very soon but I am the perfect partner to bring you drinks and food and hold the pieces while the husband racks his brains to get things together. Haha! Now that this is out of the way, after helping with the assembly we decided to order food from outside and that’s when Indian Street Food & Co came up.

I have been here for the last 4 years now and search for good Indian food keeps me going. If you have been following this blog/website for long you know that by now. This restaurant is not in our city but is 20 mins drive away which makes it really handy as as soon as we place our order we get ready to drive to the location for the pickup and in 40 mins food is home.


2 weeks back eating out at restaurants wasn’t possible and terrasje (outdoor eating) was not on our priority list that evening either, so a quick call to the restaurant – we placed our order and my friend and I were on our way to pick up the food.

On arriving at the destination all I saw were Indians all across the street – because they have not just this restaurant, but also run an Indian grocery store next door named Spice Indian Supermarket and another high end restaurant named The Indian Kitchen (and I have been informed by a few DMs on Instagram that their Biryani is a must have – so expect another review hopefully soon).

What all we ate

Choosing from their tasty menu is definitely a challenge because everything sounds amazing. They have a good selection of the common Indian street food like Pani puri, bhel puri, dahi bhalla (dahi vada) to even streetfood from Mumbai – Vada pav and Indo Chinese food on the menu too.

To make it worth our tasting – we were 4 of us and hence decided to order – 1 of many things on the menu.

All of this costed us a total of 65 EUR which was approximated 15 EUR per person with a lot of leftovers for next day.

Okay starting with the taste test:

Vada Pav – Tasted very good. The pav (bread) was slightly small for the price but I don’t mind it at all. I would rate it 9/10

Dahi Bhalla or also known as Dahi Vada – was outstanding – perfect match of flavors of the yoghurt with the spicy mint chutney and tamarind chutney and the vada (lentil balls) were perfectly soft like a spong. Rating – 9/10

Bhelpuri – puffed rice mixed with mint chutney and tamarind chutney and topped with chrunchy sev/papdi and a lot of veggies is a perfect summer salad for those who have never tried this food yet. I would rate it 8/10 (great balance of flavors and good quantity as well)

Gobi Manchurian – thanks to transportation it got a little soft and soggy but the taste was at par to how it is back in India. Rating – 7/10

Our journey doesn’t end here. We loved the food so much that Harsh and I decided to go there again the next day to pick up food and we tried 3 more dishes that we LOVED the previous day. This day it was just the two of us and it costed us 38 EUR

L -R Veg Manchurian (in gravy), Veg Fried rice and Chicken 65
  • Veg fried rice – This is a classic Indo chinese dish made with a lot of veggies and soy sauce and vinegar. Absolutely no where close to a classic Chinese fried rice but if you didn’t know Indo – chinese is a legit cuisine just like Tex- mex is. The taste of this dish was perfect – rating 9/10
  • Veg Manchurian – It is made to order with or without gravy. As we were going to enjoy it with the fried rice, with gravy made sense and it tasted really good. We ate this also on Saturday but for some reason, I ate all the shares of green chilli making it extra spicy for me to tolerate. But the next day it tasted perfect. If you are less tolerant to heat from chilli in general – you can skip this dish. Rating 8/10
  • Chicken 65 – though the name might seem like it might be Indo-chinese too and surprisingly it is also listed under that section in the menu card but a true Chicken 65 is a street food from Chennai (south of India) where marinated chicken in fried and then mixed with tempered garlic and curry leaves. I loved the taste and the kick of black pepper at this restaurant. Rating 8/10
  • We had also ordered Kulfi which for some reason was misunderstood over the call while placing the order and Kulfi falooda was received instead – and I am not a fan of falooda at all. And by the time it reached home in the car, it didn’t survive the travel. Instantly placing it in the freezer didn’t bring it back to life either unfortunately. But I will definitely give it a try when eating at the restaurant and not take-away.


We thouroughly enjoyed this weekend eating from this restaurant and bringing back the true streetfood taste in our lives. If you live anywhere close to Amsterdam or Amstelveen or Hoofddorp I would highly recommend you to give this restaurant a try.

And also very important point to mention – this entire review is not sponsored at all. We paid every cent for our food and I enjoyed it so much that I decided to share my experience with you.

If you have already visited them, what have you tried? Let me know in the comments below.

Till we meet again soon! <3

Indian Street Food & Co.
Karel Doormanweg 16,
1181 WE Amstelveen
+31 020-441-4661

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