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Aubergine in India is known as Eggplants or even Brinjal and there are numerous recipes across the entire country. I always remember having some version of this vegetable at home always growing up. But was pleasantly surprised to know that it is not much of a commonly consumed vegetable in the Dutch kitchen. Recently I partnered with Love My Salad to create an interesting recipe using their amazing aubergines grown in the Netherlands that are exported across the whole of Europe. And boy! the first thing that came to my mind to create were these Indian Aubergine Fritters a.k.a. Beguni in Bengali.



Indian Aubergine Fritters a.k.a. Beguni recipe is adapted from my mum’s kitchen and watching her make this dish all those years growing up. Maa, I hope you are proud of me today! 🙂

I will give you 3 reasons why you should totally make this dish:

  • It is vegan including the dip and the sauce
  • Crunchy and a super easy dish to be assembled
  • You need a substitute to those fries made of potatoes, don’t you?


I have the recipe for you below, let me know below if you give this a try. These fritters can be paired with any simple mustard sauce or ketchup but I have made a super easy beer mustard dip and spicy salsa to go with it AND they turned out to be a match made in heaven!


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Indian Aubergine Fritter with Beer Mustard sauce and Spicy Salsa Yum
  1. Cut the aubergine into thin slices, breadth-wise or lengthwise.
  2. Dip into water with a pinch of salt and let is stay for 15 mins while preparing the batter. This step allows the bitterness of the aubergine to disappear
  3. To prepare the batter add the nigella seed, carom seed, baking soda, Turmeric powder, salt and sugar to the chickpea flour. Add 1 cup of water and mix it well. Ensure that there is no lump whatsoever. The batter should be thick and not liquid at all. Take care of that while making the batter.
  4. Remove the dipped aubergine and wipe it dry with a kitchen towel.
  5. In a sauce pan or frituur pan add oil and heat it up.
  6. Dip the aubergine in the batter and once the batter is hot enough add the battered aubergine. Cook it on medium heat initially for 5-7 mins on both side and then increase the heat and cook for another 7-8 mins. This will ensure that the aubergine is cooked from inside and the batter is crunchy.
  7. Serve it on a kitchen towel paper lined plate to soak up the oil and serve it hot.
Recipe Notes

Beer Mustard sauce

In a blender, mix a tsp of black and a tsp of white mustard seed along with 1 tbsp of honey, 1/2 tsp of black pepper powder and 1 tbsp of IPA beer. Give it a good blend and serve this dip at room temperature.

Spicy Salsa

Chop tomatoes and white onion very finely. In a bowl add them along with ½ tsp of cayenne pepper, ½ chopped jalepeno pepper and 1 tbsp lemon juice. Check for seasoning and your salsa is ready. Garnish it with chopped coriander leaves if preferred.

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