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Fennel which is more commonly known as saunf and is used as seeds in the Indian kitchen. It comes in colors ranging from bright green to pale green and tan and has a licorice like taste sweeter and slightly less pungent and intense than licorice.

While it is mostly used in seed form, some dishes do call for the seeds to be roasted and powdered. Some key Masalas (spice mixes) in Indian cooking, like the 5 spice mix, have saunf as one of their ingredients. saunf is often used in tadka or tempering of dishes and in pickles and chutneys. It is also considered a digestive and mouth freshener and chewed by many as an after dinner ‘mint’ which is either sugar coated or just plain (slightly dry roasted).

Fennel water is also given to infants for colic troubles. It works good among adults as well in from of fennel boiled with water for instant relief from bloating sensation of the digestive track.

The best way to store them will be in an air tight container. And can be slightly dry roasted and then powdered for dishes that need the powdered version.

Recipe using Fennel Seeds – Kashmiri Paneer Masala

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