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On days when I have nothing much left in my fridge and yet I need to whip up something for breakfast, the frozen meat in my fridge comes to my rescue. This wouldn’t quite qualify into healthy breakfast if cooked with way too much oil and if consumed in higher quantities regularly. But what is a weekend if you don’t indulge into something like this and yet maintain your healthy meal plans.

I had some scrambled cheesy eggs with bacon, sausage, bell peppers and toast with a huge mug of coffee.

Ingredients for 2 people:

  • Whole Eggs – 2
  • Milk – 2 tablespoon
  • Mixed cheese (parmesan, cheddar, gouda) – half cup
  • Salt as per taste
  • Bacon – 4 strips
  • Chicken/Pork Sausage – 4
  • Mixed chopped Bell Pepper – 1 cup
  • Multigrain Toast – 2


  • Whisk the eggs with milk, cheese and salt in a bowl till the eggs turn frothy.
  • Meanwhile in a pan add the bacon and let it look itself in it own oil for 5 minutes till it turns crispy
  • In the same pan, without adding any oil, add the sausages and allow them to be tossed and cooked for 5 mins.
  • Transfer the sausages into a plate and in the same pan without adding any oil, add the whisked eggs
  • Don’t cook the eggs on high flame but rather on a low to medium flame for them to turn fluffy and soft.
  • Transfer the eggs to the plate and toss the diced bell peppers for 2 – 3 mins. It is best to maintain their crunchiness.
  • Pair this with a toast and mug of coffee.

Perfect weekend breakfast ready!

Happy Cooking!

#100healthybreakfasts by Paulami

Eggs and Bacon – Sunday Special


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