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Summer 2020 is here and this time it is different for all of us around the world. Not just you but for me too. Some of us have a little more freedom to move around than the rest but at the end of the day, staying home closer to your family is imperative this season. 

Just like most people, I experienced a slow down to a complete stop in my work until I decided to pursue new projects to keep me busy. And that is when the idea of this ebook with summer recipes happened.

Know more what this book includes. Click here – https://spicetrip.nl/get-ebook/

This ebook is available for sale world-wide and is priced at €7.99 including tax and transaction costs. This book is available both in English and Dutch language options. To buy this book, click here – https://spicetrip.nl/get-ebook/

If you want to check out my previous ebooks, I have linked them below. Both these ebooks have easy recipes and are free. 

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