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Thank You so much for visiting Spice Trip. This journey began with a simple idea of spreading the love of my origin to the new country called the Netherlands that I am totally in love with.

If you would have asked me a few years ago where I saw myself in the future, if food entrepreneurship would be my destiny, I would have been uncertain as I never thought of it as a full-time career but a hobby that I enjoyed. Looking back I realized food always played a big part in my life, thanks to my Bengali roots. I firmly believe what Julia Child once quoted “People who love to eat are the best people” and understood that food was not just something that fills your appetite but allows you to understand different cultures and bring people together and I have been fortunate to collaborate with some amazing people who share the same love for food as me from across the globe and continue to do so.

My Family

My name is Paulami and I currently live in Netherlands with my husband. After living most of our lives in India, my husband and I moved here in April 2017 for a fresh start to our lives. I was born in Kolkata, India into a Bengali family but have lived across various cities in India (Bombay being the most number of years). [Just FYI: Incase you are new to Indian culture East is very different than West, North to South of India, different food, different languages (real languages not dialects), different customs.} Cooking was something that was an latent skill forever I guess. I learnt it from my mother, my flatmates with whom I shared my accommodation and partly from my passion to keep experimenting. I graduated in Optometry several moons ago and later went on doing my Masters in Business Administration with Marketing and Communication specialization and worked for close to 9 years in India as a Marketing Communications & PR Consultant but the interest towards cooking always remained constant.

The best part about moving different cities throughout my life for my education and career was that I got to experience different tastes which was culturally enriching and allowed me to appreciate how diverse our country is and helped me build better connections through food. By doing so, I not only learnt about the famous local delicacies but also about not-so-popular cuisines like the Kanchipuram Idli from Tamil Nadu, Guntur Gongura from Andhra Pradesh, Aloo Posto from West Bengal or Thalipeeth from Maharashtra. I think that’s where my journey truly began. And it is still going on. Moving to the Netherlands made it easier for me to explore the world cuisine and meet so many people from different nationalities and learn about their food and culture which brings them together.

My Life So Far

Sometime in 2016, I decided to start loving myself and learning more about myself. I read extensively about Intuitive Eating & Self-Love and realized that food has a much deeper connect with your body and there is a lot one can do with just the mind. After a careful thought I started posting pictures of my healthy Indian recipes on Instagram occasionally which later got to a point where I posted photos I cooked, clicked and ate as per my weekly schedule. To my surprise my followers on Instagram made my journey easier as I started receiving requests for healthier recipes that I could explore and there began my blogging journey. I think it has been a mutually beneficial process so far where my followers have pushed me to cook healthier and I have been on this constant search to post Indian recipes that are healthier alternatives to the western counterparts.

Moving to the Netherlands gave me a bigger reason to explore the global food scene. Soon after moving here, I started my website  and posted a complete recipe every alternate day. But the need to challenge myself pushed me to finally do something bigger. I decided to register my business as a starter entrepreneur in the Netherlands (exciting times!). From a home cook adventuring with food and just clicking photos for Instagram to teaching the locals in the Netherlands how to cook Indian food, participating in food events, writing blog articles and working with food brands for recipe development, photography, product reviews I would say it’s been quite a different ride than expected.

What’s in Future

Over the years I have accrued skills through all the different profiles that I have adapted myself into. Today as an Optometrist & PR Professional turned Food Consultant I feel proud of all the choices that I made in life. It might look to some as lack of focus on career but isn’t life all about living in the moment and experiencing everything without guilt and repent?

If you like to get in touch with me, you can always just drop me a Hello at info@spicetrip.nl or my Facebook and Instagram handle – spicetripwithpaulami 

Maybe I could stir a chat over intuititive eating, ayurveda, Indian food or for product reviews etc.